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What to buy for the baby - A checklist of clothes and equipment

There is so much stuff you need, it's easy to get overwhelmed. Here is a checklist of what you need to buy before the baby comes.

Clothes for the baby:

One-piece outfits and bodies: Look for ones open down the front and all the way down the leg, so you can change your baby's clothes and diapers easily without pulling things over his or her head.

Leggings or stretchy pants: These make it easy to change one piece of dirty clothing without having to switch the whole outfit, and are comfortable to wear.

Pajamas: Buy the ones that open all the way down in the front, so you avoid pulling it over your baby’s head.

Outer layers: Thin cotton jackets for the summer, wool jackets for the winter.

Hats and mittens: A sun hat for the summer and a warm hat that covers the ears in the winter. Mittens for babies are shaped like bags with elastic at the wrist, making them easy to get on and off little hands. These can also be used indoors to avoid scratching.

Socks: You'll need lots of socks, the baby kicks and pulls these off all the time and they get lost.

Make sure to wash all the clothes in baby-friendly detergent before use.

Equipment and necessities for the baby:

Baby bed: You'll need a safe place for your baby to sleep. Some opt for a bedside crib for the first 6 months. The bedside crib lets you lift your baby over to you without getting out of bed. That way you cn easily brestfeed during the night. It’s important that there’s no gap between your baby’s mattress and yours, and that the crib can be securely attached to your bed. After 6 months you will need a bigger crib.

Changing table/ changing blanket: You will need to have a designated place to change nappies, even if you don't opt for the changing table. Some parents chose to change the nappies on a blanket on the floor or bed. Be sure to have one hand at the baby at all times, if you are changing the nappies on an elevated surface. There are convenient water-resistant blankets that you can also bring with you in your bag, to change nappies anywhere with a clean surface for your baby's body to lie on.

Baby playmat: These are soft mats with baby toys that dangle from overhead. You can use a play gym from day one.

Stroller: There are many strollers to choose from, make sure to buy a stroller tht fits your needs, and is stable and easy to navigate. The Bogaboo comes in different models and is a popular choice.

Travel stroller: When you are traveling it can be useful to have a smaller travel stroller, that you can bring into the plane with you. You can also use this stroller while on vaction. Yoyo is a popular model.

Car seat: You’ll need a car seat before you can take your baby anywhere in a car- including home from the hospital.

Shawls and blankets: The baby likes to be wrapped, and you will need plenty of shawls and bankets for the baby to lie on.

Nappies: You should have this ready, and there will be no limit to how many of these you will need.

Cotton Wipes: Make sure to use skin-friendly cotton-wipes instead of perfumed wet-wipes, to avoid irritating your baby's newborn skin.

Digital thermometer: This is an important item to have in your medicine chest.

Baby nail scissors: These help you trim your baby's nails safely.

Breast pump: You might need a breast-pumb and bottles, to store milk for the baby if you are going to be away for a few hours. You need to train your baby to drink from the bottle beforehand, to make sure they are willing to drink from the bottle.

Formula: If you are not breastfeeding you will need to have the formula ready, as well as sterilizing equipment.

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