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Look out for the signs that your going into labor

Make sure you have the number for the correct place to call at the hospital on spead dial on your phone so you don't have to look it up when you go into labor. The pain can come fast and be strong, so you should have your hospital bag ready as well and a plan for how to get to the hospital.

Signs of early labor

Your baby drops: It is the baby moving down into your pelvis, getting ready to come out. You might feel pressure in the pelvis when this happens.

Braxton Hicks: These "contractions" that you might have been feeling since mid-pregnancy from time to time, towards the end may feel like the real thing. But however strong they feel, if they ease off, they are probably Braxton Hicks rather than the actual labor.

Signs of actual labor

The water breaks: For some women the labor starts with the water breaking. This might come as a flush or stream of water, or little by little. Some women go into labor without the water breaking before the actual delivery.

More frequent and intense contractions: When the baby is coming, the contractions are happening more regular and they will increase in intensity. You might want to install an app on your phone to time the contractions in order to know when to call the hospital and when to go in to the hospital.

Call the midwife if:

-You feel the movement of the baby have stopped

-The water breaks

-You experience bleeding

-You have regurlar contractions

-You experience flu-like symptoms, vomiting or diarrhea

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