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Kids on Social Media or not?

Scrolling through all the pictures of kids on Instagram, I am struck by gratefulness that we didn’t have social media when I grew up. I look kind of cute, but I don't think I was quite ready for Instagram. My parents also took pictures of me. I am glad they did and it’s fun to have and maybe remember how that particular time felt. But I don't need these pictures to recreate my inner child , I carry the memories within me. And I certainly don't need these pictures to be public. In fact, I am glad that the pictures of me as a child is something me and my family can treasure, and it's up to me who I want to show it to.

A moment in time. Good, bad, funny, sad, hopeless, chaotic. Whatever it is, it does not have to be shared on social media to be worthwhile remembering.

Sometimes the focus is on the situation that is happening rather than capturing the moment for Instagram. And rightfully so. Nobody can be two places in one time. If you are looking at your phone, you are not looking at your child. If you are looking at your child through a lance, that does not qualify as direct eye contact. The child looks at a person looking into a phone, not your eyes. Should we be posting pictures of the kids on social media? I don't have a strong stand on this, I am just open for reflection.

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